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Jiaxing JiaJia Automobile Parts Manufacturing Company is specialized in production of shock absorber for both commercial vehicle and passenger cars.

Formed by Jiaxing government in 1995, became a full private company in 2005, have more than 20  years’ experience on vehicle shock absorber development and…


The company into three years of experience in automobile shock absorber manufacturers and the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and technology, management as a whole, the industry mission to serve the country, the revitalization of China's auto parts industry, to make it independent of the forest in the world as our lofty goals .


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The company insists on putting people first, carrying out comprehensive quality management, standardizing enterprises with IATF 16949:2016 standard and initiating first-class products with the first class work. We have perfected the quality service system from the production of the products to the users, and we can provide or specially design the shock absorbers suitable for various types of cars. . When you choose the company's products, you will find that you have made a correct choice. When you choose the company's products, you will find that you have found a reliable friend.

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